This blog was created to help couples navigate and survive their first years of marriage. There are so many changes that take place and new expectations. It is not always the easiest transition to make when you realize life is now about another person. This blog is a Christ-Centered approach to the problems that may arise. I believe that God created all things, including the covenant of marriage. He not only created it but he designed the laws intended to govern it. By going to His word, we have the ability to understand these laws and apply them to our marriage.

A little background on my life…I was three years old the first time I asked Jesus to be my Lord. I have recommitted my life to Christ so many times, but really all along He never let go of me. I had an amazing experience with God back in 2006 where He revealed himself to me so clearly that I could never deny Him again. It was a paradigm shift for me, and within months I was going to school to study bible/theology. I graduated in 2010 and one week later I was married to the most amazing man I had ever met.

We had problems right from the start. All I can say is you name it, we went through it, with the exception of marital infidelity. Neither one of us was a stranger to it so we never wanted to do that to one another. We had some major lows, and many times we wanted to call it quits and stop trying because we felt hopeless. But through it all we remained fully committed to one another and in our darkest moments what kept us together was covenant. We both took that very seriously before God. Through it all, God has given me some amazing insights that I believe can help others.

Today, my husband and I share a wonderful, Christ-Centered relationship, not completely without its faults, but completely in the hands of God. We trust God with our biggest and our smallest problems because we have seen Him move time and time again on our behalf. You see, God is very invested in your marriage because He created it to reflect His relationship with His people. He wants His people to know the deep, intimate, and pure love He has for them. This love casts out fears and holds on tightly. It will never let you go and never fail.

I hope this blog brings you hope and encouragement. I hope it gives you practical ways of handling different issues, and I hope to be there to help you in this journey. God Bless You!